Meet Elizabeth, founder of Dimples Foods Ltd based in the UK. Originally from the Yoruba tribe of the Western region of Nigeria who are known for their love for hot spices.

The Dimples Lady

After living so many years in the UK, I was yet to come across a real authentic peppersauce that does what it says with real bursting flavours. Hence the birth of Dimples foods in 2020

We are a fresh, innovative and vibrant food sauce production company and parent to Eko Food Catering and Hire (please check out our page). We believe everyone should have the option to enjoy their eat-out meals and families should enjoy their home made foods as they say “home is where the heart is”.

We are evolving just as our pallets and choices keep changing and will strive to build the gap in the market for consumers who have preferences for a variation of tastes and flavours at home, restaurants, corporate or social events.

We have shared this experience with friends and families and have enjoyed every feedback. However, its time to share it with YOU. We hope you enjoy it all just as much as we do.

Elizabeth Bailey Olusoga
Founder Dimples Foods ltd & Eko Food Catering


Our Vision

Our Vision is simple!!!
To have the smiletisfaction of our sauces in every home worldwide.


Our Aim

To supply different healthy flavours options in many shops and restaurants without compromising quality yet making affordable so everyone can access and enjoy the richness of flavour from our sauces.


Our Core Values

“IPAS” Integrity, Passion, Accessibility and Satisfaction



Our range of hot sauces can be used as a topping on ready meals, cook scrumptious meals from scratch and as a marinade for grilled or oven cooked chicken, fish and meats.